Welcome to
Marine Kearney Art

I grew up in Paris, France surrounded by museums and street art. So I spent 30 years of my life immersed in busy cities, bright and noisy, colorful and anonymous.

Today, I live in County Tipperary, Ireland, a peaceful rural area, miles away from my urban life;  with a community at its heart, where each color has an infinite amount of shades and where silence is the only noise ( after  the birds of course).

I am lucky to say that I get my inspiration from both landscape scenes and life experiences. They have each shaped and enriched me and I draw on them both in my creative process. 

Living in Tipperary I create work  which resonates with me. You could say that I am a mixture of urban and nature. But really what reflects through my painting is my story.

I am surrounded by nature, along the banks of the River Suir; in my art studio I witnesses 3-4 seasons a day! 

My paintings draw on this evolving constant change.

With my 3 children ,2 dogs and 2 cats, I have a life full of adventure. 

I am a proud Tipperary Woman living in Knocklofty!

Welcome to Art with a little bit of Funk and Happiness.