Artist Statement

Art is a form of love. Art is the ultimate gift. Art heals life!!!

by Robert Genn

As I lived 30 years of my life in busy cities surround by geometric shape, with human made material where the human expression outside the architecture where Graffiti or Tag. I loved the Sharp edge and colors of the city, the anonymity of it and flexibility to move from one transport to another.

When I moved to County Tipperary Ireland , a real change happen. I discover the peaceful rural area:  the infinite shade of green of the emeraud ireland and the changing seasons . I am lucky to say that I get my inspiration from both landscape scene. They have each shaped and enriched me and I draw on them both in my creative process.

My process is based on layers of paint.  I start by creating a background where my feelings overflow onto the canvas.  It could be words, colours, sea or urban landscapes.  Then through the knowledge of layers I hide the omnipresent and choose which part of the painting I will modify to create a sense of purity or breathing space.


I created them to take the viewer on their own journey, where from afar they will see a simple form, a crisp shape but when they approach, will discover another world, an imaginary scene composed of different moments in time, free of boundaries.  I hope my work moves the eyes of the viewers through the painting; and  let their own imagination wander.

 I choose to work generally in square format to involve the viewer in the journey, so that all the artworks can be displayed in whichever orientation best suits their own  interpretation or preference.



While I paint, I evolved into an exotic place where my childhood memories;  ( such as the presence of  the  blue of the Mediterranean sea or the freedom of a kid ,  its optimism and invincibility); came back to me. It had created a moment of joy and a dancing mood, which you can observe in my paintings.

I work with Acrylic on wood board which allows me to make undercoat visible if I choose to do so; it also enables me to include charcoal, pencil, stencil, or even wax or collage.

You can consider my style as Naif Expressionism, or Abstract expressionism, Abstract geometric, I didnt find a place yet for my style . Definitely a mixed of Urban and Nature.

That’s my journey presented to you , with no filter.


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